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Year 6

Welsh was great fun with Mrs Burt this week.

In year 6 this week we met Frodo the African Owl, Ozzy the Indian Owl and Ketchup the Red Kite.

Year 6 have had a very busy week. This has included going to Coedcae for a drama lesson and have even been practising their cricket skills. It was also the week their halloween disco has taken place. We have seen some funny and scary costumes at the disco. Year 6 had a blast.

Year 6 had another busy week which included a pe lesson which was different from any other they have done. We went back in time and performed pe drills which they did in Victorian times and surprisingly year 6 really enjoyed it. Da Iawn Year 6.

Year 6 have looked further into the Victorian era by looking at the toys that their age would play with at that time. They were surprised to find out what they were made and what the actual toys were. They have also looked into life of people in Victorians times and the illnesses that happened at the time.

Year 6 have had their first taster of going to Coedcae. They had a french lesson which included trying some food. Year 6 definitely enjoyed the bread but not the cheese. They have also done speed posters and have researched lives of poor and rich victorians. Da Iawn Year 6

Year 6 have had a blast with bike safety tips in groups by learning how to be safe on the road. They have also enjoyed researching Queen Victoria and have even created timelines about her life. They have even given their own go on drawing Queen Victoria in portrait form. Looking Good Year 6!

Year 6 have had a very busy first full week. This included using the pe apparatus to act a story. We also got several pupils to sit in the hot seat and answer questions. Year 6 even had a lesson on victorians on how they used to wash clothes without the use of a washing machine. Phew, busy week indeed .

Year 6 planting trees to commemorate their time in Maes Y Morfa School

Year 6 celebrating the King’s Coronation

Wow! It’s been a really busy and scientific week for year 6. They have created boats that float and used paper to old up dictionaries. The most bizarre task they have done is use pasta to hold sugar! Da iawn Year 6

Year 6 lesson changing the world!!!

Year 6 went back in time cracking codes in Maths figuring out the secret to deciphering codes.

Year 6 had a lovely time working on a poem workshop and even had a tour of Llanelli library. We hope to be back again soon.

The choir went to Asda. Well done you were fantastic.

Year 6 had a fab time at Coedcae school for an art lesson!

Year c Cymru Am Byth

Year 6 have had a brilliant time dressing up and learning about what children in need actually is about! Today they have researched and practiced presentations in front of the class!

Year 6 working on their presentation skills.

Year 6 had a wonderful time at the halloween disco last night with other classes! Some of the costumes were very spooky!

Enjoying PE in Coedcae and creating animals masks

Year 6 were very lucky to have a once in a lifetime experience by getting up close and personal to animals from all over the world. Animals which included a monitor lizard, an armadillo, a marsh Mongoose and many more! Year 6 had a blast!

Maes Y Morfa were very lucky to have Carmarthenshire County Council’s Road Safety team to deliver National standards level 1&2 cycle training to the Year 6 pupils.

An exceptional day for football as eight pupils were picked from year 6 to play at the Swansea City Community tournament held at Penrhos. We are very proud at what Maes Y Morfa football team achieved as they did not lose a game in their group stage which got them to finish second in their group. We reached the next round and got knocked out of the quarter finals by a single goal. However after the tournament finished we found out that our team conceded the least goals in the entire tournament Da Iawn Maes Y Morfa. We are so proud of you all

Year 6 meet Mr Gravell's Budgie.

Year 6 at Coedcae.

An award winning week for Year 6 from Value achievers to rugby winners!!

A busy week back for Year 6

Year 6

Year 6 this week have been practising Road Safety on their bikes. We have also found out facts about the moon and created moon pictures.

A busy start to 2022 for Year 6

What have year 6 been up to?