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Year 6

Year 6 had a fab time at Coedcae school for an art lesson!

Year c Cymru Am Byth

Year 6 have had a brilliant time dressing up and learning about what children in need actually is about! Today they have researched and practiced presentations in front of the class!

Year 6 working on their presentation skills.

Year 6 had a wonderful time at the halloween disco last night with other classes! Some of the costumes were very spooky!

Enjoying PE in Coedcae and creating animals masks

Year 6 were very lucky to have a once in a lifetime experience by getting up close and personal to animals from all over the world. Animals which included a monitor lizard, an armadillo, a marsh Mongoose and many more! Year 6 had a blast!

Maes Y Morfa were very lucky to have Carmarthenshire County Council’s Road Safety team to deliver National standards level 1&2 cycle training to the Year 6 pupils.

An exceptional day for football as eight pupils were picked from year 6 to play at the Swansea City Community tournament held at Penrhos. We are very proud at what Maes Y Morfa football team achieved as they did not lose a game in their group stage which got them to finish second in their group. We reached the next round and got knocked out of the quarter finals by a single goal. However after the tournament finished we found out that our team conceded the least goals in the entire tournament Da Iawn Maes Y Morfa. We are so proud of you all

Year 6 meet Mr Gravell's Budgie.

Year 6 at Coedcae.

An award winning week for Year 6 from Value achievers to rugby winners!!

A busy week back for Year 6

Year 6

Year 6 this week have been practising Road Safety on their bikes. We have also found out facts about the moon and created moon pictures.

A busy start to 2022 for Year 6

What have year 6 been up to?