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Raymond Nelson (wasNelson)

Years at school: 1956 to 1960

I passed 11+ and went to grammar school in Pwll. I studied the three Sciences and did a degree in Biochemistry and a postgraduate education course.I then taught A level Zoology and Botany to pupils who went on to become doctors, dentists, ophthalmologists, nurses and pharmacists, among other things.I then became Company secretary of a Legal services and Property Development Company.Am now retired and a member of the Glanymor and Tyisha History Group

General Memories:the excellent teaching,care and guidance of Mr Trevor Phillips form 2 and Mr Ted Hughes form 5 under the headship of Mr Brynley Thomas together with the friendship of Noel Thomas,Roger Griffiths, John Harries and Roger Jones( and the slipper on the cupboard if you were naughty- we weren't.

Memories of Teachers:Mr Phillips taught me spelling, reading and cursive writing and Mr Hughes taught me self-awareness, confidence, literacy and numeracy .Both teachers gave me a love of learning which I was able to pass on when I became a teacher of clever 17 and 18 years old.

Memories of School Trips and Events:visit to the Odeon to see The Ten Commandments, a school trip to Bristol zoo by special train,the Eisteddfod concerts, the Christmas pantomime Cinderella and the music concert in Capel Als where I played the March Militaire on a triangle,watching the steam trains passing under the Trostre bridge from the corner of the yard during playtime and lunchtime and spinning sycamore propellors.

Memories of School Clubs and Sports:there weren't any but we lined up like soldiers in the yard, being drilled on the whistle,playing rounders and passing the Cycling proficiency test. Also visits from the dentist and the "nits" nurse.

Raymond Nelson (was Nelson)

Years at school: 1956 to 1960

I went to university, got a degree in biochemistry and became an A level teacher of zoology and botany, I taught for 37 years then became company secretary of a property and legal services company. now retired.

General Memories:having to drink milk at breaktime, lining up in the yard on the blast of a whistle, being prefect on one of the pillars as the boys walked to their classrooms, the slipper in Mr Hughes cupboard, being taught to write properly by Mr Phillips, doing recitations on the stage, never going near the girls side of the school, getting the wireless from the headmaster Mr Thomas' room, watching the trains go under trostre bridge from the corner of the playground, cycling proficiency test, my pals roger jones, john harries, peter jones, noel thomas, roger griffiths, philip james,david crocker and adrian rowlands, sitting the 11 plus exam in spring of 1960 and having to say goodbye to pals and the school in july before going to secondary school.

Memories of Teachers:the wonderful teaching of Trevor Phillips yr3 and Ted Hughes yr.6 which got me to grammar school, the mental arithmetic tests every friday morning ( ugh)

Memories of School Trips and Events:walking in pairs to the Odeon to see the film The ten commandments, being a housewife in a play and the naughty goblin Noel Thomas accidentally hitting me on the head with a brush while I was singing my song,reciting a poem as an onion seller while the onions on a long string on my shoulder kept falling off onto the stage, playing rounders and catching the ball so the other side were all out, winning a prize for growing daffodils, the kindness of the headmaster Brinley Thomas, the school trip by train to Bristol zoo and having a ride on Rosie the elephant.

Memories of School Clubs and Sports:running a lot in the yard, the pantomime Cinderella in the boys' hall, having my teeth checked by the visiting dentist, having dancing lessons in the girls' hall.