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Key Information

  • Christmas concerts tickets will be sold on Thursday 1st December from 8.15 to 9.00 and after school at 3.15.

  • Cost £ 3.00 per ticket per concert. Please have the right change.

  • No children from other schools allowed

  • If you have children under 3 and they start to cry, please take them out of the hall. No prams allowed in the hall.

  • Wednesday 14th Thursday 15th December 1.30 pm Nursery to Yr 2 concert.

  • Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th December 1.30 pm Yr 3 to Yr 6 concert

  • 4 tickets per family. From 12th December any tickets left can be bought on a 1st come basis.

  • Doors will open at 1.30

Attendance Very important.

After half term, attendance letters will be sent home to inform you of any concerns with your child's absence.

Any children with 80% or less will have a letter stating their percentage attendance.

This percentage is an indicator of where your child's attendance is.

If you have good reason with proof, i.e holiday, illness or appointments, then this is taken in account. You will still have a low attendance, but you know why. 10 days holiday will be authorised providing that the attendance is not under 80%,

After 10 days no holidays will be authorised other than in exceptional circumstances.

All holiday requests must be made in writing, forms are in the school reception.

If you think that your child's attendance is wrong, please call in to see me and we can adjust our records accordingly providing you have proof of absence.

This is just the first half term; you will have plenty of time to raise your child's attendance for the end of the school year.

Many Thanks for your cooperation.

Mrs Sharpe

Maes Y Morfa Curriculum For Wales Summary document

Additional Learning Needs in Wales - what's happening?

To see this film in Welsh - go to

ALN - new information to read

 House points are updated weekly.




At the end of each term e.g Autumn, Spring and Summer the pupils in the winning house will choose a reward.

                   Our School Values

These are the behaviours your child is encourage to demonstrate to achieve the school values. They are linked to the 4 key purposes for the new curriculum. These purposes are designed to support children to be Healthy and Confident, Ambitious and Capable, Enterprising and Creative as well as Ethical and Informed. They all have character names to help the children remember them.

Values and Behaviour Policy 2022-23

School Prospectus 2022-23


Operation Encompass and Operation Endeavour- What are they?

Parent information on Child Sexual Abuse



For helpful information on drugs and children's health in general please go to this website.

For important information on child protection and e-safety please follow these links:

UNCRC (United Nations Convention for the Rights of a Child)


If you are concerned about any child, in the first instance please speak to us at school. During holidays please contact social services on: 01554 742142. Out of hours: 0300 333 2222  


They will advise you what will happen next. If you have urgent concerns then please contact the police.

Caryl Davies is currently the lead Safeguarding Officer for Carmarthenshire. These are her details:


If you would like support for your child in dealing with bereavement please contact:

The Samaritans on : 07880 594100


Helping with headlice

Dear Parents, thank you for all your support to date with regards to social distancing outside the school gates and keeping your timings. We still have a few parents arriving too early and are standing outside the main gates. Dismissing the children is a very challenging time of day and this is where we find there is the biggest concern with regards to everyone's safety. Please wait until your child is sent to you by the teacher. If you are early wait on the other side of the road until your child's class comes out.

Similarly in the morning, if you arrive early please wait on the other side of the road. Remember you must arrive at the time of the oldest child. If you are late then you may be asked to wait until all pupils have entered the building. Please be aware that staff will not release any pupil to another adult without prior notice from the parent either by phone or email. Staff have been asked to keep the child with them until the parent arrives.

We really appreciate your co-operation as we are all doing our best to keep everyone safe.

Pupil Deprivation Grant and Other Grant Spending 2020-21