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Parents' Evenings

Parents’ Evening via Phonecalls Autumn Term 2021-22

Week Beginning 15th November

All timings 3.30pm to 5.30pm (last appointment 5.20pm) 10 mins appointments. We are informing you in good time, so that you can make arrangements to ensure you are available to accept the phone call.

Mon 15th Nov = Nursery, Reception,  Y2,Y4           Surnames A – J  

Tues 16th Nov = Nursery, Reception,  Y2 ,Y4           Surnames K-Z  

Wed 17th Nov =Y1, Y3, Y5 and Y6                              Surnames A -J    

Thurs 18th  Nov = Y1,Y3, Y5 and Y6                           Surnames K- Z

We will only be able to change an appointment slot if you are working or there is an emergency, no other reason. 

Thank you for your understanding.