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Return to school September

Dear Parents,

We are almost at the end of the school year. As headteachers we will continually receive updates all over the summer holidays on the situation regarding the virus. We hope that our plans for returning in September will be as we have published, however we all have to be mindful that at any time we could be forced to close again if there is a further outbreak. Staff are currently training up on being able to deliver live lessons online to groups of pupils. This will allow your child to access lessons from the teacher or LSA through a phone, tablet or any other device. We have provided computers to those who have requested them. Please encourage your child to use these to complete their work online. There are also learning grids available on the school website for the summer for all year groups. In the pupils section as normal. These do not require computer access.

Please send your child to school with a packed lunch, drink and a snack until we inform you otherwise. There will be no facility early in September for us to provide meals or snacks for pupils. Also until further notice we will not be able to allow parents on school premises.