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School Values

Next week will be our last week to achieve the Values this term. We just want to explain what the pupils have chosen as their reward system. A copy of the policy with all this information in , is available for you to read on the school website: Behaviour Policy.

Every time your child has received the Values they will have received a postcard. Each time they have a postcard it is recorded. If they have 5 postcards in the term then their name will go into the raffle 5 times. This increases their chance of being selected by 5 times. The pupils have decided that 15 selections are the right amount, and that is what we will do. 15 names will be selected and each of those pupils will choose a voucher of their choice for £25.

It was explained to the pupils that this means that not everyone has a small prize as the funds used for the 15 pupils will be a large amount. They understand this and wanted to use a raffle system with this understanding. The reasons they give are : they would like to have the chance of receiving a voucher to use on what they want , rather than a small prize they don't really want.


Pupils were reminded of this decision this week and have agreed that they still want to have the raffle and have the chance of a bigger prize. Weekly younger pupils have small prizes and older pupils have golden time so everyone wins.

Many thanks for your understanding