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Maes Y Morfa School is in challenging financial times

Dear parents and carers,

We find ourselves in a critical period of financial strain that directly threatens the breadth and quality of educational programmes we can offer to our learners. Our schools are facing unprecedented financial challenges that are going to have a significant impact on intervention groups, support for learners with Additional Learning Needs (ALN), extracurricular activities, and enrichment programmes.

The gap between rising operational costs and the funding available to our schools is widening. Increased expenses in energy, resources, and staffing, against a backdrop of insufficient budget increases, place us in an impossible situation.

Many aspects of school life are very likely to be adversely affected, despite our very best effort, including the following:

  • Intervention groups, ALN support and wellbeing. The potential reduction in funding may lead to a decrease in tailored interventions, where learners rely on these for their academic and personal development.
  • Extracurricular and enrichment activities are likely to be lost: the enriching experiences that extend learning beyond the classroom, including sports and trips, face severe cutbacks. These programmes, vital for fostering well-rounded individuals and enhancing learner engagement are areas that will start to disappear. As well as crucial support for wellbeing and pastoral care.

This is the situation that all schools are in at present.

What can you do?

· Speak to your MPs and to local government. Please understand that your children are our priority ,but challenges are increasing.

· Contact the local authority and express your concerns.

· Understand that we are doing everything possible to support your child.

· Attend our workshops and information sessions to enable you to provide support for your child at home.

Many thanks