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Sharing a video recording outside of school

se of video recording outside of school.

We have been part of a video recording done by Atkins. Atkins are a company of civil engineers supporting our school at the moment with scientific resources and lessons. Pupils made wind turbines and many other constructing opportunities during the video on that day. One of our school governors works in a senior capacity with company. The video is already available on 'you tube' but not the full version as permission has not been sought. No pupils where parents have indicated on their registration paperwork (when pupil started school you don't want photos or videos taken of your child.) were involved in this recording.

The company would like to share the full video with other schools in Wales to promote the work they are doing. If you do not want your child to be part of this could you let us know and we will ask to have the video edited before it is shared. Please let us know before 21st May if you have any problems.

Many thanks