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Daily activities at school, before the summer holidays

This is a guide as to the sorts of things your child will be doing in school over the next few weeks. We are following Welsh government guidance. All pupils will still have access to online learning and the learning activity grid work for each class which is available on the website. For this work you do not need internet access. Teaching staff will continue to contact you and update this work over the next 3 weeks.

During the summer holiday, there will be no updated online provision or phonecalls. However, if you need any non- urgent help, please contact us on the usual email:

•	Arrival and circle time- collection of thoughts, feelings and any questions linked to online work or anything that has been raised in the news.

•	Expressions through arts and crafts- 

•	Outdoor activities – team games, team building , trust and co-operation, safe cycling (we have a variety of different sized bikes to accommodate all pupils, these are new and have approved safety helmets) staff have been trained in cycling training techniques.

•	Meditation and Yoga – brain gym

•	Dance and movement 

•	Brain gym quizzes, wellbeing bingo, health and safety detectives, setting up safe rules

•	The day will end with a story or a song