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Y6 Parents

Y6 Parents

Dear Parents, the end of year preparations for Y6 are really gaining momentum. We cannot believe that ideas collected from the pupils in January are still in their minds and they are working hard to put them into practise. They are working so hard to create posters and sponsor forms to raise funds for the events. We will be doing lots throughout the summer term as we don't want any child to miss any final event due to illness. There are a wide range of activities that we do not want to ask parents to fund, this is the reason why the pupils are fundraising. We will look at any shortfall and help with this.

Some pupils would like to tell you what they are doing and we would like to update you with these ideas. Could you let us know the best morning next week where you are available please? We were thinking 8.50am for about half an hour. As the pupils are the most important in these arrangements, some of them will be in the meeting. We appreciate that many of you work, but hope that most of you can do this. If you can message or respond to this message with when you are available next week , we can come up with the most popular time.

We are so proud of them. Presenting their ideas to you is also a major part of the new curriculum development and shows their independence, creativity and skills of enterprising.

Looking forward to hearing from you